Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Weesa........

Today was my step-daughter's birthday. And not just any birthday. The big 4-0.

You may think I'm not old enough to have a 40-year-old daughter. I'm not. I'm only 8 years older than my step-daughter. I just married a much older man.

I was 5 when Hubby graduated from high school.

We didn't date then.

Weesa is single, blond, and college educated, and she owns her own house and rides a Harley. I keep hoping she'll find someone who will make her as happy as her daddy has made me. She hasn't had much luck in the men department. Two failed marriages, and she says she's through with being married. She dated a guy for TEN YEARS, and then last summer she dumped him on his birthday. In Panama City. He needed dumping. But he took her out to lunch today for her birthday. Apparently he's a much better ex than he was a boyfriend.

Wouldn't life be a lot simpler if we didn't have to worry about relationships?

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