Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nearly Wordless Sunday......

And yes I realize that doesn't make a lick of sense.

I am incapable of stringing together two sentences..... make that two words...... that DO make sense.

I am bleary-eyed from two consecutive nights of staying up way past my bedtime, in another time zone no less.

I am suffering from a hangover related not to alcohol but to the good times I shared with my two sisters this past weekend.

We overdosed on walking, food, laughter, silliness, and criticism of other people who were clearly less "normal" than we.

We lost our voices screaming. At a gymnastics meet, for God's sake.

Pictures to post tomorrow, but tonight it's time for bed. I'm glad to sleep in my own bed tonight, but I am sorry that weekend getaways with my sisters are few and far between. I think we're up to one now, if I counted correctly.


Maybe I'll be a little more coherent tomorrow.

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