Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Allow Me to Vent......

I try not to use my blog as a platform to vent, and this is pretty darn petty. Chalk it up to being the first week of school with not quite enough computers to go around and students who are (shockingly, amazingly) showing up for school.

My mother never calls me. She irritates burdens annoys aggravates phones my sisters regularly (and tells them what a "perfect" life Hubby and I have, making them feel their lives are .... well.... less than perfect, I guess), but she rarely rings my telephone. If I call her, she exchanges pleasantries for a few minutes, then she is almost always in a hurry to get off the phone.

Yet she calls my cell phone when I'm at school. I always answer, because as she approaches 80 years old, I never know when something might be wrong. I would most assuredly NOT be the first person she called, but still.

She called my cell phone today, the second day of school, and verified that I was indeed at school. "Can I talk for just a minute?" she asked.

What do you say to that? Not that my answer would have mattered. So she starts chattering (she's driving to Savannah during this conversation, by the way, which causes me no small measure of nervousness) about listening to Anna's all-state chorus CD (Katydid's granddaughter) and how she remembers when I was in all-state chorus........

And then she went through a dead zone and the call got dropped. And that's all I heard from her. All day. I assumed nothing catastrophic happened to her, since I didn't hear anything from law enforcement. And then, to be honest, I forgot about the call.

She called after I got home (thank goodness for small favors) to finish the conversation (scratch that). The rest of the conversation was to tell me how proud she was of me. For being in all-state chorus. In 1977. Just in case she forgot to tell me. And then she ended the conversation by saying, "Tell your husband that I'm proud of you."


I did manage to squeeze into the conversation that Sweet Girl had made the Dean's List at Embry Riddle. Mom sounded a little confused, or maybe surprised, that Sweet Girl was going to college.


I'll stop there for tonight. Forgive my pettiness. There's more, but I don't want to appear even smaller than I already do.


DJan said...

You don't sound small to me, but you definitely have every right to be miffed. And I didn't realize they didn't break the mold with my own mom, who has been gone for a while now. Congratulations on being all-state chorus. In 1977...

Anonymous said...

I find this hilarious. Sometimes I feel the same way talking to my mom...and she's only 54!

Julie said...

My Mother regularly talks about my sister being so incredibly busy, never thinking that she's talking to the daughter who's raised two boys by herself since their father died in 2000 and worked full time her entire life. It only frosts me a little bit every time I think about the fact that my sister has worked for the last three years one day a week, and has a competent and helpful husband who I refer to as St. Jack. I feel ya!