Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Things I Need to Do......

I'm a big fan of "To Do" lists. I don't use one all the time, but it helps me tremendously to put things in writing. Sometimes I don't even LOOK at the list, but having written things down serves as a reminder itself. Other times having put things in writing makes me feel obligated to DO them. And publishing them here in a public forum? Well, I may as well have pushed the "nag" button and put it on autopilot.

I'm lucky enough not to have too many "must do" things right now. I have some "ought to" things and some "want to" things, and of course the "need to" things that I put off as long as possible.

Some things on my "need to do" list, above and beyond the usual housekeeping, which I also tend to put off as long as possible:

  • Get started on baby Luke's afghan. His daddy is one of our co-workers, and he is due in January. 
  • Rearrange my dresser drawers. I've got cycling things in one and t-shirts in a dozen different places, but I need some organization.
  • Organize the linen closet in my bathroom. It has taken on a life of its own.
  • Clean out our living room cabinets when Hubby isn't looking. He has a million LPs that will never be any good again, even if we DID have a record player on which to play them, because he stacked them flat on top of each other. I'd be willing to bet money they won't be flat anymore.
  • Make a new curtain for our basement/garage door. It's water-stained and just plain stained. It doesn't even have to be all that attractive, which is a good thing considering my limited sewing skills.
  • Rearrange my silverware drawer. Get rid of all the sporks I come across, because sporks are OF. THE. DEVIL.
  • Put the fringe on the ugly place mats I made last month. And hope the fringe will save them, because nothing else will.
  • Change the shower curtain and bath rug in my bathroom. I'm over the ducks. Sorry, Sweet Girl.
  • Make an attempt to organize my kitchen cabinets to the point that I'll have someplace to put all the small appliances. For someone who claims she doesn't cook, I sure have a lot of things geared toward cooking. Just in case I ever get the urge. 
At least now I won't be able to say I'm bored. I have a whole list of things to accomplish. And no, I haven't forgotten my 50 Things to Do list.


Anonymous said...

Fall is my nesting time so I always make to-do lists like this. Most of my list is filled with cabinets and closets, too.

The girl said...

It's ok the ducks need to go anyway it's been a VERY long time since we put it up, and the floor should be done as well! j/k

Kelly said...

I'm quite anal-retentive (and a bit OCD) so I make lists all the time. I thrive on them.