Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thoughts on a .... What Day is This...... Wednesday.....

Open House at our school is tomorrow morning, and we aren't ready. We've NEVER been ready, but this year we really, really, REALLY aren't ready. Some of our computers aren't there. Some of our desks aren't there. We don't have student schedules done. My room is a disaster area because we were doing scheduling in there today, and our materials are scattered all over.

We have spiffy new digital clocks in our rooms this year. And I still hung my battery-powered Pepsi clock on the same wall. Old habits die hard.

It's amazing to me how a change in routine (or reestablishment of a routine) can absolutely D-R-A-I-N me. I am bone-weary tonight, to the point I almost didn't post. Gasp! I don't sleep in, so getting up early isn't the difference. It's just a matter of getting dressed, then interacting with real, live people all day. Constantly. With no breaks for Mario. I'm so tired I could cry. Many days during summer break I did a gazillion more energy-depleting activities than I did today, and I wasn't nearly this tired. The only thing keeping me from bursting into tears is the thought that this may be the last time I am ever this tired again. At least as a result of returning to school.

Pity party over. Next.

I don't know why I make some of the choices I make. I guess that would explain two ex-husbands. I found a pattern for placemats that I liked, so I decided to crochet them. The colors suggested were: turquoise, fuchsia, purple, and sunflower. The name of the pattern was "Bright Placemats." The colors I chose to use instead? Mustard. Evergreen. Paprika. Clove. Those colors ARE NOT BRIGHT. I guess they look okay together, but they clearly are not bright. They look a lot like the carpet in the house we bought in 1973. Remember Avocado Green? Harvest Gold? Yeah, I must have been having a flashback. I'll be glad when this project is finished. But I have to put a fringe on all four placemats. Yuck.

I may have Zumbaed too enthusiastically last night. My hips hurt just like they did after the infamous 5K in May.

It's rare that I give up on a book before I've finished it. I even suffered all the way to the end of Wicked. (Aside: How in the HELL did they get that wonderful musical production out of THAT BOOK?) I downloaded a **free** book into my Kindle entitled Bubba and the Dead Woman. If the fact that it was free didn't convince me, the word "Bubba" in the title should have. I labored through about 15% of the book, and then I deleted it. It had some humor in it, but the exaggeration was just too .... exaggerated. That wasn't the main reason I deleted it, though. It was fraught with comma errors and other grammatical errors. If the editor wasn't skillful enough to catch those, no telling WHAT other kind of crap he or she allowed to get through.

I was about to embark on a story about one of our dumb cats. But I couldn't make my brain make sense of it. So I'll save it for a more coherent night.


Phoenix said...

Bad grammar and spelling is something I have noticed a lot on books I have downloaded on my Nook. Especially books that were written specifically for the electronic devices. It's almost like, since they aren't going to have to spend the money to print the books, they can't spend the money for a decent editor!

Kelly said...

I'm not fond of digital clocks.

You're not the first person I've heard say that "Wicked" as a book isn't nearly as good as the stage production.