Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Have a Crush......

Don't tell Hubby, but I have a crush.

Although I think he already knows.

I have a crush on David Feherty.

If you don't follow golf, you might not know who David Feherty is. He used to play on the PGA tour, but (according to Hubby) hurt his shoulder, so now he is a golf announcer.

Personally I think he's easy on the eye. But it's hearing him talk that really makes my teeth sweat. He's from Northern Ireland, you see, and I could listen to that lilt all day.

He has his own show now, and it's to be expected that he interviews golfers. But he also interviews other people, like Charles Barkley. Who admittedly and famously has the WORST golf swing in the history of the sport. I'm pretty sure it's the worst swing in the FUTURE of the sport. You don't have to know a thing about golf to realize that Charles Barkley's golf swing is a hot mess. You don't have to watch them all - they all look just alike.

Back to David Feherty. He has a wicked sense of humor (and a potty mouth, but he seems to say naughty things at completely acceptable times), and he comes across as being so REAL. He has spent some time on a couple of episodes of his show talking about his own personal struggles with alcoholism and how he has progressed through them. He brought Johnny Miller to tears, but David remained dry-eyed when he was talking about his own problems. I admire him for that strength.

He brings me to tears at the end of each and every episode. At the end, he touches his fingers to his lips and then touches a photo of his daughter and says, "Good night, Sweetie." Isn't that precious?

You don't have to love golf to love David Feherty. I just happen to love both. Well, I love most golf. Some golf. And one golfer.

"Good night, Sweetie."

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