Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Keep Forgetting to Drink........

And I'm not talking about water.

I've had one little tiny bottle of wine in the fridge since we went to the beach two and half weeks ago. (Seriously? It was only two and a half weeks ago? It seems like FOREVER!) I have almost completely stopped drinking beer, because a cyclist dude I know said one time that you should "never drink your calories." That has stuck with me, even when I've seen him repeatedly with a Corona in his hand. I had a few mixed drinks at the casino, but I tried to stick to "healthy" choices: bloody marys and vodka & cranberry. I know, I know, they still have empty calories, but they're (slightly) better than the sweet "girlie drinks" I prefer.

I've never been much of a wine drinker, but I do occasionally enjoy a glass of it. I tend to like the sweeter wines, like muscadine and peach.

I keep meaning to drink the little bottle in the fridge, mostly so it will stop staring at me every time I open the door. (And it seems that I open the door with alarming frequency.) Tonight I meant to drink it while I cooked dinner. We had Open House at school this morning, which is always a confusing and exhausting enterprise in itself. (My smile muscles always hurt after Open House. Do you think this could be a sign? Of anything?) This afternoon we had to finish schedules. Hubby spent all day at the hospital with his mother, who fell and broke her arm, refused to be transported by the EMT's who arrived to help her, and then refused to go to a LOCAL hospital for treatment. I decided I had earned a small drink of wine, and so had Hubby. Since he doesn't drink wine at all, I was willing to drink his by proxy. Always sacrificing for my spouse that way.

And then I forgot.

It isn't the kind of wine that goes with country fried steak and mashed potatoes. (IS there a wine that goes with country fried steak and mashed potatoes?) After dinner I spent some time on the computer and played Mario as long as I thought Hubby would tolerate it. Then we had our usual sugar-free, fat-free pudding for dessert, and again the wine didn't seem to go with that.

And then I forgot again.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. When I was in college I might forget to pay my rent, write a 10-page paper, show up on time for an exam, do my laundry, change the oil in my car, wash the dishes, or shave my legs, but I NEVER forgot to drink.

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