Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Know It's Only a Commercial.......

There's a commercial airing right now that makes me feel slightly.....no, really......uncomfortable. I realize it's supposed to be funny, but for some reason it makes me cringe.

It's for AT&T U-Verse, which allows subscribers to record up to four things at one time. The family is programming its recordings, and there is one left. The parents debate about which child to give it to, remarking that "Jennifer is so beautiful" (or something like that) and "Kyle has that thick head of hair...that should be rewarded."

The dad suggests they count to three and name the kid each of them loves best, and they both pick Jennifer. Jennifer smiles triumphantly, but not in a bratty way, and Kyle just keeps staring at the television. Then the dad says, "We should probably give it to Kyle. It's really all he's got."

And the kids never say a word. Even poor Kyle, who has just had both his parents confirm that his sister is the golden girl, the chosen child.

That commercial bothers me more than anything I've ever heard on South Park. And there have been some doozies on there. I'm trying to decide why it bothers me so much.

Is it because I think my own mother plays favorites, and I'm Kyle? (My siblings and I love each other in spite of it.)

Is it because, as a parent, I think it's plain wrong to favor one child over another? Even though I only have one child?

Could it possibly be that I'm taking this commercial way too seriously and I need to let it go?


Anonymous said...

How awful!! Having grown up with a brother who could do no wrong as far as my parents were concerned, I know what it's like to be the second-best child!

labgirlreed said...

I Hate this commercial...it isn't funny and it encourages bad behavior in parents.
I was trying to find a way to complain to someone at ATT when I happened to see your blog.

Right on..