Monday, December 28, 2009

Season's End.....

After a disappointing season, to finish with a huge upset win over Georgia Tech and a bowl win over Texas A & M takes some of the sting away. I have a few questions as the UGA football season comes to a happy end.

Who will be our quarterback next year? One of the two freshman phenoms, or Logan Gray? If he doesn't quarterback, will Logan Gray ONLY perform fair catches? I could play that position.

Who will be our defensive coordinator, and whom will he bring with him?

Will we ever, ever try another blackout game? After the Bama debacle last year, we sort of tried a half-assed effort with black pants and helmets against Florida this year. That didn't work either. Gimmicks will never substitute for good play.

At what point will they dump the Gatorade on Mark Richt? Will Mark get as pissed as he did at the end of the Georgia Tech game? (It wasn't because they soaked him. It was because, as he said, "Double zeros. You don't celebrate until the scoreboard shows double zeros.")

When will Uga VIII be named? And how much does Russ get paid for standing in for him these two months?

Will any announcers ever learn how to pronounce Washaun Ealey's name? First or last? I can understand struggling with the first name, but Ealey? It's got no "R" in it, people, it isn't pronounced like the opposite of "late".

Will Ealey switch jerseys and wear #3 next year, as he wants to?

Will A.J. Green ever duplicate this catch that he made in high school?

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