Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a NAM for Sweet Girl.....

I know we aren't supposed to brag about our children, but sometimes you just gotta.

My Sweet Girl got a NAM today. If you are familiar with the military, or you know anyone in the military, you know that all they talk in is TLA's. That's three-letter-acronyms.

Her NAM is a Navy Achievement Medal.

In her words, "It came in a box and everything."

I'm so proud of her. And for her.

She has received several awards during her Navy career, including Sailor of the Day (week? month?) when she was aboard the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier. But this is the first NAM she has received, and I think it is the most prestigious of the awards she has received. I can't wait to see it on her dress uniform. Plus it gives her points toward that all-important promotion in the next cycle.

Way to go, Sweet Girl! You rock!


Lynn said...

Awesome "Sweet Girl"!!!

Maggie said...

Whoot-whoot for SweetGirl!!!