Friday, December 25, 2009

GPS Fun......

Disclaimer: This post may be the result of carbohydrate/sugar/food in general overload. Proceed with caution.

I was playing around with the GPS feature on my new iPhone this afternoon, mainly because I had just spent a solid four hours playing Jewel Quest and I wanted to look like I was actually doing something useful.

I am fascinated by GPS technology. I can think of about a million times in my life when it might have come in handy, if only it had existed then.

Like the time I got lost in the town of Bogart, Georgia, when I was only going to the post office. I lived just outside Bogart. Go ahead, go look it up. I'll wait....

The time we went to Chicago after Sweet Girl's graduation from boot camp. We took the train into Chicago and ventured no further than 3 blocks from the train station in any direction. But we couldn't find it. The policeman we stopped and asked had no idea either. I thought Hubby would get arrested when he asked the cop, "How the hell do you get home in the afternoons?"

The time Katydid, brother Jack, and I were in a group of cyclists who started following the wrong set of painted marks on the road and wound up at the wrong state park for a rest stop that wasn't there. We felt a little better when we learned that the guy who painted the turn arrows on the road was also in the group following an OLD set of painted marks.

But I digress.

I think it's so cool that you click on "maps" on the iPhone, and it already knows where you are. Even the computer, which thinks it's so stinkin' smart, has to be told your starting address.

I entered Sweet Girl's address and asked for directions. The phone told me it was 395 miles and I could get there in 6 hours and 15 minutes. I can actually do it in five and a half hours.

Just for kicks, I clicked on "walking".

It said I could get there in 4 days and 4 hours.

It was kind enough to adjust the route and take me off the interstate.

It said to proceed down Highway 81, and under "navigation tips" it said, "Proceed with caution."

I'm not sure it was worthy of quite the degree of hilarity I experienced. Hubby is absolutely certain of it.

It may not be that funny tomorow.

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Maggie said...

I should now email you URl to the GPS scavenger hunts. You put in your starting point and how many miles you want to go and *boom* you follow the directions and find 'something' others have left, and 'leave' something for the next folks. Why do I think you would LOVE this and Hubby would hate it?

Glad you're enjoying your new toy!