Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Not Supposed to Be This Tired.....

I don't have exams to give. I don't even have to enter grades into a computer. I don't have classes of 30 who are as eager to be on Christmas vacation as I am. Because our students don't have to come anymore after they are finished with their courses, we probably don't have 30 left in the whole school at this point. [On the other hand, guess which ones ARE left?] I don't have to lecture, I don't have hall duty, I don't have to write lesson plans. I don't have to have grades turned in by a deadline, and I don't have to worry about end-of-the-semester report cards. I don't have to average grades, because our online curriculum does it for us. I don't have to organize class parties or attend plays or concerts. I don't have to be in charge of a club doing a service project or a fundraiser. I don't have to decorate my room (or undecorate, as one principal always made us do before we left for Christmas break and I was terrified of her, so I complied). I don't have to work on courses for next semester. I don't have to schedule students for next semester. I don't even have to worry about what to wear for the next two days, because we have half-days and we made the executive decision to make both of those days Casual Fridays.

So how in the world can I be this tired?

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Maggie said...

I think it's because you're so NOT busy your body is realizing it can force you to rest! haha!

Enjoy all the time not doing stuff!