Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back Before I Was Old......

Way back, in a previous wifetime....

I would stay up every night and watch the eleven o'clock news. Sometimes I graded papers AFTER that. I always got to see Monday Night Football, sometimes all the way to the end. Even if it went into overtime.

I saw all the bowl games to their completion. I read until the wee hours, then got up and went to teach ... in a real classroom ... in an inner-city school ... all day.

Once I was working under a deadline, typing some transcription for a friend, and it took me longer than I thought it would. I wound up typing until 4:00 AM. Slept for an hour, got up and did my aerobics (not sure that really happened, but it sounds good in the story), then went and taught high school English all day. Got out of school and went to a Garth Brooks concert in Atlanta.

When I was out of school, I could stay up even later, knowing I could sleep in.

Those were the days.

Not the previous wifetime, mind you.

Being able to stay up late.

Now I prepare dinner, clean up the kitchen, try to cram in some crocheting or, on nights like tonight, stare idiotically at a stupid video game, then look up and gasp -- oh my goodness, it's eight o'clock already -- and it's bedtime.

THEN I had to clean the kitchen and -- oh my goodness -- I almost forgot to write my blog entry for tonight.

I can sleep in all the way to about 6:30 tomorrow morning.

It's the curse of old age.

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