Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for.....

...Having both thumbs for times like this when I don't have internet service.
...Having found the "on" switch for the furnace. Motorhome life was getting kind of iffy.
...Hubby deciding to stay even after we couldn't get tv reception. We will be in football withdrawal by the time we get home.
...Family and friends who accept me just for being me.
...Having two sisters as best friends.
...A whole week off for Thanksgiving, even if two of them WERE without pay. Wait ... ALL our holidays are without pay. Never mind.
...The end of football season and the beginning of gymnastics season. Where it is possible to have a sucky season and still win the national championship. But I hope we won't have a sucky season. In gymnastics.
...Blogger pals.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Maggie said...

Happy thanksgiving- love ya!