Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day in Motorhome Life....

6:30. Woke up before Hubby.
6:45. Made coffee.
7:15. Went for a walk in the woods with Hubby and Gus. Saw two deer swimming across a river. That was a first.
8:30. Cooked breakfast. Scrambled eggs, pre-cooked bacon (not a fan), toast and jelly.
9:30. Washed dishes.
10:00. Crocheted while Hubby napped.
11:30. First Bloody Mary.
12:00. Snack of Ritz crackers and peanut butter.
12:30. More crocheting.
2:00. Mountain bike riding with Hubby. My bike only has 6 operable gears out of 18. Repair shop or new bike? Hmmmmmm....
2:30. Return from biking. Baby steps for Hubby... Hurts his pride that I can out-ride him. Wuss.
2:35. More crocheting.
2:45. Second Bloody Mary.
3:00. Started to go take a shower.
3:01. Sweet Girl called. She has an awesome radar.
3:30. Tried the shower thing again. This time successful.
4:00. Built campfire and roasted weenies.
4:10. Fed weenie to Gus after I dropped it in the ashes.
6:00. Dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't like hot dogs anyway.
6:30. Washed dishes. More crocheting.
7:00. Started playing gin with Hubby. I feel bad when I beat him ... Why?
8:00. Took Gus out for the umpteenth and hopefully last time.

My thumbs are tired. Good night!

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Maggie said...

It sounds relaxing!