Monday, November 9, 2009

How Can.....

.....a man who makes fun of me for watching Dancing with the Stars watch something like My Name is Earl?

.....Pat Conroy write so masterfully?

.....the days drag by, but progress reports sneak up so quickly?

.....Hubby order a cheesecake (which he can't have) from Sullen Teenager's fund raiser and then criticize me for ordering grapefruit?

.....I use a bleach-based bathroom cleaner while wearing my Harley-Davidson yoga pants?


Maggie said...

Hubby needs a good smack or a good ignoring- LOL!

And did you just read the new Pat Conroy? What do you think? Overrated? Excellent? I have it on the shelf. I've been told by no fewer than 20 people that it's WONDERFUL. I read "Prince of Tides" and hated it; I've been hesitant to read him again but "South of Broad" sounds like, from the lip service, that it could be great!

Bragger said...

Mags - South of Broad is what I'm reading now. I love it so far. I keep asking, though, "When does the crazy begin?"

KatyDid53 said...

Haven't I taught you to clean the bathroom in the nude?