Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Just Can't NOT Feel Guilty.....

That's not actually a double negative. I'm an English teacher, so I would know.

Remember my post about winning a motorcycle and how that made me feel a little guilty, especially considering Hubby just won a motorcycle last year and gave it to me?

Now I feel guilty again.

Let me explain.

The guy (finally) called me earlier this week to tell me that the motorcycle had been checked out by a police officer and was deemed "road worthy". I told him we would come pick it up sometime this week, Saturday at the latest.

It's about a 35-minute drive from where we live, in some pretty heavy traffic. But Hubby didn't want to mess up his golf day Saturday, so we went today.

The guy asked us, "Did you bring a trailer?"

We were standing beside my car. Do you SEE a freakin' trailer?

I said, "No, he was planning to ride it home."

"It doesn't have a seat on it."

Apparently road worthy doesn't mean that you can actually sit on it. The guy who originally made the seat for this restored vintage bike was murdered, and his mother wanted the seat as a memento, so they were having another one made for it. Only THIS guy is apparently busy having a kidney replaced, so it isn't quite done yet. Wonder why the bike shop dude called and said the bike was ready?

It also doesn't have any gauges. You know, speedometer, odometer, those somewhat necessary things for operating a motorized vehicle on the streets of many states?

And on top of all of that.....

It's ugly.

Butt ugly.

Like I wouldn't be caught dead on it.

Poor choice of words. Sorry. Either it isn't the bike in the original picture, or the picture was airbrushed, or maybe the light was just particularly good that day.

It's a chopper, made for looks or taking to motorcycle shows or just hiding in the basement.

He said he would sell it for us on consignment and send us the money.

Suits me. It's not like I have a whole lot invested in it, and I didn't expect to win it anyway. If he sends us the money, great. If he doesn't, we're not out much.

So why do I feel guilty that I don't want it?


Maggie said...

okay, so you feel guilty that you don't like a butt ugly, half broken, not really safe motorcycle? okay...

You could give it to your mother... I'm just sayin'...

If you do get the money, you could donate it to a charity then something good comes of it? Just a thought.

Bragger said...

Mags - You have such good ideas. Much more noble than the ones Hubby and I came up with. Like by the time we actually get the money, we'll be over the guilt, and we can take it to the casino. Happy weekend!