Saturday, November 28, 2009

Am I Turning into a Prude? And Is It a Bad Thing if I Am?......

I adopted a saying from a girl I used to work with -- and whom I couldn't STAND. She would say, "I HAVE morals....they just don't always apply."

I've always tended toward the outrageous. In high school I was voted "Most Likely To ???" and never did really know what it meant. My mother thought it meant I had loose morals (she would). I think it had something to do with convincing a large portion of the senior class to skip school on my birthday, on which occasion I jumped off a bridge into the river below.

But now there's a commercial on television that I find offensive, and it kind of bothers me that I find it offensive. Have I gone over to the prudish side?

It's a Bud Light commercial, and for starters it parodies Billy Mays, the penultimate announcer who died last summer. I don't think anyone should parody dead people. Except Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. Possibly Judy Garland.

Some of those commercials are cuter than others. The one in question, however, starts off with the announcer dude asking, "Do you struggle putting on condiments? I know I do."

I don't think that is an appropriate commercial, particularly since they play it during sporting events that children are possibly watching. Perhaps they aren't expected to understand the play on words -- but what if they do?

The same beer uses a different set of commercials, the "Too Light" versus "Too Heavy" concept. Now those are funny.

This all leaves me wondering ... Am I turning into a prude? Is it a bad thing if I am?

Or is it just a sign that I'm (finally) growing up?



Anonymous said...

Having two daughters in the 'slutty, skinny jeans, tube top' era has certainly turned me into a prude!

We can go get margaritas in your ankle length skirts and turtlenecks anytime!

Maggie said...

I wouldn't say you're a prude at all; I think you just know a commercial done in poor taste. See, you're classy, not prudish!