Monday, November 30, 2009

Deviled Eggs......

You know how some foods just come to be associated with certain events and/or holidays, and that's the only time we eat them?

I'm not really talking about turkey and dressing, but they fall into that category. Why is it that we only eat those at Thanksgiving? And Christmas? How about cranberry sauce? It's available all year, so why don't we occasionally throw it on the table just because? And I'm talking about the canned kind here, the kind WITHOUT the berries. I don't like it if you can't see the ridges from the can around the edges. None of that real stuff for me, Pioneer Woman be damned.

Deviled eggs and potato salad are also on that list. I never used to make either one of those unless it was for a potluck dinner, family reunion, or some other large gathering. I didn't know you COULD make just a few deviled eggs. Then one night I was boiling eggs for tuna salad, and I threw a couple extra in the pot to make deviled eggs.

What a revelation. You can whip up just two or three deviled eggs in a lot less time than it takes to prepare a dozen or two. And they make an excellent side dish, particularly if you're trying to cover up the fact that you're serving tuna salad and crackers and calling it A MEAL.

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Maggie said...

DaddyO and I made deviled eggs for dinner one night and it felt down right decadent!

(And, one night, not a band camp but in the dining room, I made the canned with ridges cran sauce and it's yummy in June, too!)