Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Sappy at All.....

With the help of Hubby's daughter, this is what I came up with for his retirement presentation.
  • He has 857 golf clubs in the basement. Many of them are still in one piece.
  • He reads 3-4 library books each week. People get shot and/or stabbed in every single one of them.
  • He loves the Georgia Bulldogs - but he's never stayed for the end of a game.
  • He loves Atlanta Braves baseball - but he's never stayed for the end of a game.
  • He loves NASCAR - but he's never stayed for the end of a race.
  • He never gets rid of anything, as evidenced by the fact that both a '69 Ford pickup truck and a '71 Honda motorcycle live in his basement.
  • According to one of his friends, "He can turn out the lights and be asleep before the room gets dark."
  • He always orders the same thing at a restaurant: Filet, medium, baked potato, just butter, thousand island dressing. And he can finish an entire meal before anyone else says "pass the salt."
  • He will be able to wear a Pepsi t-shirt every day for the rest of his life without repeating any.
  • For a man who has trouble sitting still, he is a big fan of power naps.
  • He can identify the title and artist on any old, old country song, even before they sing a single word.
  • His favorite animated character is Stewie from "Family Guy."
  • He has seen Beetlejuice approximately 62 times.
  • Finally, he's a big fan of "Popeye" cartoons.

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Maggie said...

62 times? OMG! this is the best speech ever!