Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unethical or Not.....

I have a dilemma that may not be unethical at all, which sort of takes all the fun out of it.

Or it could be that I'm creating a dilemma where none exists.

The father of one of my summer virtual school students called me this morning and left a voicemail because I was in my Zumba class. [Two weeks in a row!] He has called me NUMEROUS times this summer. When I heard his voice, I thought, "Dude, give it up. Summer session is OVER, and your kid passed with a 'B' although he is definitely smart enough to make an 'A'." He tends to ramble on the phone, both in person and on voicemail. In fact, the recording cut off the end of the message because he talked so long.

He had told me earlier that he worked for Disney World, and I casually (really, it WAS casual!) mentioned to him that my daughter lived in Florida and was one of his best customers. She would live at Disney if they would let her.

He was calling to say that he wanted my daughter and her family, if she had one, to be his guests at Disney.

I hesitated calling him back, because I was unsure about the ethics involved.

Would it be wrong, considering he offered them to my daughter?

Would it be wrong considering that I'm going down there next weekend, and I could wind up being the beneficiary of this gesture?

And what does it mean, being his "guest"? Tickets to the park(s)? Accommodations? A dinner date with Mickey? A behind-the-scenes tour of Cinderella's castle?

In his voicemail, he specifically mentioned the fact that his son was going to pass. Was he implying the offer would not have been forthcoming if his son had failed? I mean, he didn't word it like that. He didn't say, "Well, since Patrick is going to pass, I'd like your daughter to....." But he mentioned it.

He can't possibly know that I had not yet turned in final grades when his voicemail came.

Should I just quit worrying about it?


Jane said...

Quit worrying about it, already. It would only be unethical if the offer had been made or accepted as a means of altering a grade (aka, bribe). Go to Disney World and enjoy your self.

KatyDid53 said...

I wish I could go with you!