Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Chimneys.....

I spent the afternoon at the golf course with Hubby ..... and I didn't even have to pick up a club. It was actually HIS suggestion that I come ride in the cart with him. To be honest, he suggested it LAST week, and I'm pretty sure he was under the influence when he said it. But on the day I was originally supposed to go, one of his golfing buddies whom I. Can. Not. Stand. was playing, so I declined and spent the afternoon in the pool.

Although he has been playing at the same golf course for about 5-6 years, and I have often been there, both in a vehicle AND on my bicycle (it sits at the top of the most God-awful hill you have ever seen - one of my goals in life is to be able to ride to the top of that hill without standing up), I had never seen the course.

It is absolutely beautiful. Most golf courses are, but this one is especially so. It has lots of wooded areas, hills and valleys, and gorgeous rock walls that the builder of the golf course laid by hand himself. Well, some of them are so big that he had to use a front-end loader, but he still PLACED them himself.

The course is called The Chimneys, and he also constructed a couple of rock chimneys on the course. If it were miniature golf, you'd have to hit through one of them into the clown's mouth. But it isn't so you don't.

I asked Hubby if the course had been named before or after he built those chimneys. He told me there was an old, REAL chimney standing along one of the holes, apparently a leftover from an old home place.

It was breath-taking. At least to me. But my breath is pretty cheap.

That's when I realized I'd forgotten my camera.

I took a picture with my Blackberry, but its battery is dead. Update: Picture uploaded above.

I guess I'm not a real photographer.

There was another old chimney (thanks for asking, but I DON'T know why I have a thing for chimneys) on my route to school, and I kept telling myself I was going to stop one morning and take a picture of that chimney at sunrise. But either I forgot the camera, or it was misty, or the sun wouldn't come up at the right time (damn that sun), or I didn't have time, or I thought up another excuse just so I wouldn't look stupid standing on the side of the road taking a picture of a lone chimney standing in a pasture.

Then one day on my way to school I realized the chimney that has fascinated me so was a pile of bricks.


I guess I'm not a real photographer.


Maggie said...

I could try and make you feel better by telling you the chimney attached to my house is really just a pile of bricks but I bet you can't be so easily appeased.

And the golf course sounds wicked fun. We have a course a few hours from where I live called Purgatory Golf Club... yikes!

Lakeland Jo said...

I think Oscar Wilde had it right about golf- a good walk spoiled. Would have liked some photos of what you were describing though-isnt it a pain when you dont have your camera AND the phone battery is dead. Sigh