Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bone Tired.......

I am tempted to have a "Wordless Thursday", but that would be cheating and not alliterative at all. Besides, having just had "Wordle Wednesday" yesterday, it would border on just being plain sorry. And in my mother's world, being "sorry" is the worst thing in the world you can be. [Oh, if you could just hear how she says it. The intonation takes on its own meaning. Perhaps I'll try to get her to say it and record it one day and post it.]

We had our Open House today from 1:00 to 7:00. In a way it was good to stretch it out over that time, because I never had more than one student at a time, and I got to sit down with each one individually.

The bad part was that the county folks turned off our air at 4:00. Seriously. Boneheads. I'm not sure I like the idea of my thermostat being controlled by some huge hidden hand down at the county office anyway.

At least this year we get a little break between Open House and the first day of school. Last year (and I'm pretty sure there have been some other ones, but last year is as far back as this ancient old brain will even attempt to remember), we had Open House on Thursday evening and school started on Friday. Back-to-back EXHAUSTING days. I shouldn't complain; I know some people (like Nurse Jane) who have exhausting days EVERY DAY. This year the students don't start until Monday. We have tomorrow to decompress, go out to lunch one last time, and make predictions based on the ones who showed up at Open House. Oh, and we may get some work done too.

Then the official countdown begins.

Beginning Monday, I'll have 540 school days left before retirement.

Make that 538, since the state-mandated furloughs include two student days. I'm feeling better already.

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Maggie said...

Holy cow you start school early! We have 2 school systems in this county and 1 goes back on the 13th and the other the 18th.

And let the countdown continue!