Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Afghan.....

It's so awesome to have a finished product!

I'm bad to start projects with a lot of enthusiasm, but then life intervenes and/or I run out of steam, and they never get finished.

I'll post one day about the cross-stitch project I started when I was pregnant with Sweet Girl. Yeah, the one who just had her 25th birthday. I'm determined to finish it. That and my cathedral window quilt.

I started this afghan last winter with the idea of putting it in the auction at the family reunion. I didn't make it for this year's reunion, but I'm AHEAD of the game for next year.

If you couldn't care less how it was created, you can stop reading right here.

Like most crochet projects, it started small. Very small.

Then I added another round.

At this point, it's beginning to look square. It started round.

Then I added some white.

It's sort of beginning to look round again.



Sort of deformed-looking.

Back to green. And round.

Then I had to add on the "points." To be honest, if I had realized this was part of the plan before I started, I would have chosen a different pattern. I don't like fastening off and starting a new color or a new point so often. But by this time I was committed.

Another point. Looks sort of like a heart. Or a butt. Depending on your perspective.

Third point. Looks sort of retarded, if you ask me.

Whew! Back to a symmetrical shape. I thrive on symmetry.

And then a border to tie all the points together.

I made 5 of these green ones.

And 5 rose ones.

And 6 blue ones.

Then I made 25 of these little ones that serve as sort of spacers between the big ones.

And 40 of these strips that connected everything.

Finally, I put a border around the whole thing. I'm proud that I finished it. Hubby wants me to let him keep it instead of putting it in the family reunion auction. He can forget it. I'll make him another one.

Like any project, I can point out its flaws.

But I'd rather not.


Jane said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! I'm impressed. I'm still working on my cathedral window, and I've got three other quilts started. Do you think this is genetic? :-)

Maggie said...

this is just lovely, Bragger! i adore it! Good for you for finishing it! And I appreciate all the hard works and details that go into something so beautiful! (Okay i say give it to Hubby but that's just my opinion...)

And I just wrote earlier this month about all my hobbies and half finished projects so you've inspired me! I got Daddy-O's quilt out and I am determined to finish it before school starts in 25 days!

Julie said...

That is beautiful. You have much more patience than me. I choose patterns that are mindless and repetitive so that I can watch movies and knit or crochet at the same time. I've made afghans for both my boys and that was a chore since they both wanted them extra long to reach down to their 6'3" toes! Well, that sounds funny, of course their toes aren't that long, only seem that way when it's time to buy shoes. LOL

KatyDid53 said...

Just look how talented you are! I'm not sure I would have had the patience to do something like that. It's beautiful!