Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Isn't Just Me.....

Many years ago, when I had only been teaching for a few years, I realized that I went into a sort of depression at the END of the school year. I abhorred the loss of both a routine and the feeling of being needed that I (occasionally) got from the classroom.

Yesterday I read a blog post by Tense Teacher, and I am relieved to report that it isn't just me. I'm not sure where she teaches, but she is ready to go back to school. Maybe she should move HERE, where we get to go back on July Freakin' 28th.

It's not that I don't have a routine. I still get up with Hubby every morning at 5:00 AM (except for Sunday, my usual sleep-in day). We have breakfast together, and then I watch CNN Headline News until I have memorized all the day's stories.

That's the same thing I do in the school year. Only during the school year, I know that at a certain time I have to pry myself out of the recliner and get on the elliptical. If I am to arrive at school by 7:45 (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), I need to get in the shower by 7:00. I need a chance to stop sweating, so I need to get OFF the elliptical by 6:45. That means I have to be ON the elliptical by 6:15. (Does anyone else out there plan your mornings in REVERSE?) That means I have to have finished reading the paper by 6:00 so I have time to go get my duds on.

During summer, I've had a little different schedule. I'll surf the net, avoiding the bajillion assignments that have been turned in overnight until that little voice in my ear becomes a deafening roar. After overdosing on CNN, I'll watch something I've recorded. This morning it was Episodes 2 and 3 of Make It or Break It and WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. The ranks right up there with the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. Up and including Wipeout. I'm recording the whole series, so I'll get to see Episode 4 next week.

I realized this afternoon at around 5:00 that I hadn't exercised all day. So I hopped on the elliptical while I boiled some eggs for tuna salad and exercised while I watched the Braves beat the Cubs 4-1.

I just hate being out of my routine.

I know that as soon as school starts, I will be lamenting all the things I didn't get done during my 6-week summer. I'm not really wishing away my free time.

But school has to start before football season can start.

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Anonymous said...

I also live by routine and schedules. Going back to school this Fall is going to force me to create a whole new one. That part kinda sucks.