Friday, July 3, 2009

Even Perfect Men Don't LISTEN......

Apparently we're having a Fourth of July gathering at our house tomorrow.

Hubby and I had a conversation about this very subject approximately one week ago.

Me: Are you planning to play golf on the Fourth?
Hubby: I doubt it. Do you want to have something here?

Me: Not really. It's gotten where your sister is the only one who comes, and I'd just rather not fool with it.

[In her defense, she probably won't be nearly as bad since she's stopped drinking. And gotten rid of the leering, too-friendly, hugging creep she was with for a few years.]

Hubby: Yeah, me too.

Case closed.

Or was it?

When I got back from the Nash Bash last weekend and sister-in-law called to apologize for the fact that she had allowed the umbrella AND GLASS TABLE to blow into the freakin' pool on Saturday, she finished the conversation with, "I hear y'all are having a cookout for the Fourth?"


I guess we are.

Only I ain't cookin'. The only thing I MIGHT make is Pioneer Woman's bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers.

Other than that, they'd just better be prepared to eat sandwiches. And see a less-than-pristine bathroom.

And go home early.

Yours truly,

Your Hostess with the Mostest [Enthusiasm and Love for In-Laws]

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