Monday, July 6, 2009

And the NEW Miss Georgia Is........

........almost certain to have a longer reign than the last one, who lasted just over 24 hours.

Seems the original winner, Kristina Higgins, suddenly realized that she could not honor both her commitments as Miss Georgia AND her job teaching middle school. So she relinquished her crown to the first runner-up, Emily Cook. Who knew that being first runner-up to anyone other than Vanessa Williams wouldn't suck nearly as badly as it felt at first?

I know I'll probably be crucified for criticizing the noble actions of this beautiful young woman, but COME. ON. You KNEW you were a teacher when you entered the blame pageant. You also knew you worked for what may be the biggest pain-in-the-ass school district in the entire state, if not the entire NATION.

So what if Emily now gets to wear the sash to the grocery store and show up at everything from cattle auctions to nursing home openings? For one brief moment last Saturday night, she was told in front of the whole world that she wasn't good enough. She didn't get to gasp and put her hands up to her face and try to hold the tiara on her head while she cried and pretended she thought someone else was going to win. No, she had to hold the winner's hand while they announced HER as the new Miss Georgia, and she had to paste that smile on her face and banish the thought that "I should be wearing that damn tiara."

They had a "crowning ceremony" today somewhere. I didn't catch where because I was multi-tasking at the time, always a dangerous proposition for me. I was preparing a lesson to teach online, advising Hubby on booking a hotel room for our vacation next week, and trying to eat an Oreo (or two) surreptitiously while Hubby was on the computer.

But how big an audience do you think Emily had at this crowning ceremony? Did she get to wear her fancy dress? She didn't get to have any of the excitement, the anticipation. Of course, the flip side is that she didn't have to fake her smile, either.

Okay, okay, I'll grudgingly give what's-her-name credit for doing the responsible thing and keeping her job. 'Cause honey, where she teaches, that job would probably NOT have been waiting for her NEXT August, when she wouldn't have been anything more than the FORMER Miss Georgia. And who's to say that if she hadn't entered the contest, it would have automatically defaulted to Emily? Hmmmmmmm?????? Maybe not. We'll never know.

I don't know why it bothers me. Emily probably doesn't give a rip. I'll bet she sleeps in that sash tonight.

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