Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We're back from what started as a mini-vacation and then became a micro-mini-vacation.

We left the beach today, where we spent only two nights when I wanted to spend five, and headed for the casino in Biloxi. It's been four years since we were in Biloxi. We were there about six weeks ahead of Hurricane Katrina. In fact, THAT trip got cut short by Hurricane Dennis. We were supposed to stay through Sunday that time, but the hurricane was looming and we kept hearing rumors about the casinos closing. I jokingly said to Hubby, "Let's hang around. I've never been in a hurricane before." Then we stopped at a store were there was a high-water mark on the wall from Hurricane Camille in 1969. The mark was well above our heads.

"Let's head north," I said.

So we headed north in the southbound lanes of I-65, which I thought was pretty cool. I'd never been part of a hurricane evacuation before.

Today the store where we saw the high-water mark from Hurricane Camille is apparently gone. Or like many things in Biloxi, not in its original location. But it's hard to tell because the entire landscape is different.

It's a little depressing to see all the damage that's still visible in Biloxi, namely that the casinos that filled the waterway are gone. The ones that have been rebuilt are now across the street. I guess they decided that silly old rule about casinos having to be on the water wasn't really necessary after all.

We stayed in the casino for a couple of hours and really anticipated spending the night there and heading home in the morning, but then we decided our luck wasn't running all that great, and we would probably wind up paying for a room and sitting around watching television and playing gin. Not drinking gin, but playing it. The card game, you know?

[Side note - Hubby's vent of frustration when I beat him soundly in gin about eight hands out of nine:


Ummmmm hummmmmmmm.]

So we came home a day early, which is almost always how our vacations turn out. Except when we go on cruises, when Hubby is held captive.

I'm going to limit our traveling to cruises from now on.

Or plan 7-day trips. Maybe that way I'll at least get four days.

I'll have to tell you about two previous trips to Biloxi, but that's for another day. Remind me if I forget.


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