Thursday, May 7, 2009

Too Close to Home....

Right before I got home yesterday, lightning struck a tree (maybe two) in our neighbor's yard. He lives directly across the street from us. Two tall pine trees have scars down them that are apparently about 2-3 inches deep. I know that because their son came over to inspect the damage, and I saw him put his hand into the wound on the tree. He's a science teacher at one of our local high schools, so he would certainly know how to measure 2-3 inches.

When the lightning struck, it knocked a speaker off the wall right next to Hubby's chair. It also knocked a picture off the wall and his glass off the side table, but those could have been casualties of the falling speaker.

Worst of all, it killed something in one of the gazillion electronic gadgets that all work in symphony to provide us with television entertainment. We have the 50-inch t.v., a surround sound system, the satellite receiver with DVR, a Blu-Ray disc player, and the Wii system. Needless to say, we have a plethora of cords and wires and remote controls.

After numerous curse words, four calls to the satellite provider, two calls to the television manufacturer, and one trip to the local gadget store for even MORE cords and wires, we once again have television. Which is a good thing, not because I watch a lot of television, but because Hubby had just about run out of curse words.

And the fact that the gymnastics championships will be televised on Saturday, and I need to record them so I can sustain my addiction through the long off-season between now and next January.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I bet your TV kicks so much butt for watching some trashy reality tv.

Not that I watch that stuff. much.