Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Getting There....

This is what the pool looked like when we first took the cover off.

It actually looks kind of pretty because of the reflection. The water, however, is green.

Believe me when I say it has been worse. In past years we had been known to accidentally dump ALL the nasty water AND the leaves on top into the pool.

This is about 3 hours later that same afternoon. Hubby dumped some shock in it, and it works pretty fast.

This is the next day.

You can still see there's some dirt in the deep end. We hadn't yet put the automatic vacuum in the pool. We call him "Kirby."

This one is 4 days later. So much for taking pictures every day.

It gets prettier every day.

Kirby is still working on getting all that dirt out. He works we don't have to.

Libby loves it when we open the pool. This is a rare sight, because when we're out there trying to enjoy the pool, she gets on our nerves. Hubby thought it was cute to teach her to beg for beer. It's not so cute anymore. Usually she has to stay outside the fence. Occasionally she gets desperate and climbs over it.

You kind of expect it of Libby. She's a lab, after all.

Gus, however, thinks he's a lab too.

It's almost there as far as looking good.

Now we have to work on getting it warm enough to get in.

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Anonymous said...

AHHH! I want to adopt Libby! Everybody needs a beer-begging dog!