Sunday, May 24, 2009


For the past two years all we've heard is "Can't complain....we need the rain."

Is someone going to let us know when it's okay to complain again?

The drought is officially over, at least in our part of the world. The lakes are full. Our tiny garden is flourishing (so far). If Hubby cuts the grass this year, it will already be more times this year than all of last year combined. Everything is green and beautiful.

Normally I wouldn't complain about the rain anyway.

But Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. The pool is crystal clear. I had envisioned sending Hubby off to the golf course every day this weekend, while I lounged by the pool and soaked up some rays. That may or may not have involved some frozen beverages.

There have been no rays to soak up. While Hubby did play golf yesterday, it was too wet to play today, so we had some "together" time.

That entailed a scintillating trip to Wally World, with a side excursion to PetSmart.

Not to mention that I got to watch him watch television. Except for the period of time I went up to the bedroom to watch baseball.

It wasn't a total loss, however, because I was able to grade every single Senior Project I had brought home for the weekend.

That simply cannot compete with sitting by the pool soaking up some rays.

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Anonymous said...

I could easily complain about the same thing! I feel like the family and I have just been sitting around staring at one another! Plus, hubby is hoping to smoke a boston butt for 18 hours on the big green egg. The festivities start at midnight.

I'm contemplating running away...except I've had two glasses of wine. Wanna come get me!?