Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ride to Live......

Weesa and I did a motorcycle ride today to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Ever since Hubby was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2002, I have ridden in a bicycle ride every year to raise money for the ADA. Called the Tour de Cure, it has options of 25 to 62 miles, and I have ridden it in blazing heat and cold misty rain.

This year, however, I decided that a motorcycle ride would be much easier, and I could still do my part to raise money for the ADA. Weesa and I didn't invite Hubby to go; Saturday is his golf day, and besides we usually have a better time when he's not around. For some reason, Hubby treats me differently when his daughter is around. I think it's a case of showing off for her, sort of like a seventh grade boy. Whatever.

There are pros and cons to both types of ride.

On a bicycle ride, I can go at whatever my chosen speed of the day is (slow, slower, or slowest) and stop as often as I want. Or as often as Katydid will let me.
On a motorcycle ride, the uphills don't bother me at all. [Katydid, remember that hill right before Buford Dam on BRAG 1992? Yeah, it's a piece of cake on the motorcycle.]

On a bicycle ride, riders are spread out over the whole course and I don't have to worry about someone wiping out in front of me and not having time to stop.
On a motorcycle ride, police motorcycles block all the intersections and keep cars from infiltrating the route.

On a bicycle ride, you don't have to worry about fumes. Unless you're Katydid on the back of the tandem.
On a motorcycle ride, you can run through red lights and exceed the posted speed limit.

On a bicycle ride, it's okay to pass slower riders (if there are any) as long as you say "On your left!" or "Good morning!" Unless it's late in the day, at which point you just pass them anyway and growl under your breath, "Where the hell have you BEEN all day? Get out of my way!"
On a motorcycle ride, you don't have to be physically fit. Boy do you not have to be physically fit.

On a bicycle ride, spandex is expected.
On a motorcycle ride, the kids are rarely whining.

On a bicycle ride, there are few smokers.
On a motorcycle ride, the food is just normal food. Not "carb-loading" stuff.

Here are some things both rides have in common:

Porta Potties are your best friend.
Your hair looks like poo when it's over.
There will always be people who make you ask yourself, "Did he/she even LOOK in the mirror this morning?"
Both will make you stop and ask yourself, "What am I doing here?"
Overcast skies are a good thing.
Someone will have an absolutely adorable dog on the premises.

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Ann(ie) said...

GOod for you! what a wonderful cause!! I think I'd go the motorcycle over bicycle route too!!