Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Gonna Have To Turn on the Air.....

Unlike MamaNeena, we have yet to turn on the air conditioning in our house. We haven't needed it.....until now. We have had the windows open, and I really enjoy the night sounds and the breezes coming in through the windows.

The breezes are getting hotter, though, and the house is stuffy. When I came in this afternoon, I thought to myself, "It's time." This is probably the latest we have turned on the air conditioning in recent memory. I was going to hold out for June 1st, but I think this weekend we'll break down and turn on the air.

Which means an arctic front is sure to blow through here next week.

Happy weekend. It sure took its damn sweet time getting here.


Anonymous said...

You just live down the road! How come you get a breeze and I don't!?

Ann(ie) said...

It was 80 here today!!!!!! I have the air cranking b/c we're huge wimps in Seattle, but 80!!!! :) FINALLY.