Friday, May 15, 2009

Design Flaw.....

I may have blogged about this topic previously. So sue me. I can't remember. And I'm typing with my thumbs again, so I'm not going on some protracted search for a blog entry that may or may not exist.

I think it's a design flaw that we can't close our ears. If there is something we don't want to see (gory scenes in movies, roadkill, poor wardrobe choices), we have the option of closing our eyes.

Why, then, don't we have the option of shutting our ears? Think of all the things we could choose not to hear:

Annoying people who talk on their cell phones in the grocery store.

Crying babies in restaurants and on airplanes.

That screaming guy who was on the Golf Channel the other night. (Changing the channel was clearly NOT an option.)

Strangers who regale you with TMI stories of their lives.

Water dripping in the bathroom at night.

Dogs barking at night.

The University of Florida fight song and "Roll Tide Roll!".

That annoying "boink" when you do something illegal on the computer.

A clicking ceiling fan.

Music from a car 50 yards away from yours in traffic.

Fingernails on a chalkboard. Wait, we don't HAVE chalkboards anymore. Never mind.



MamaNeena said...

You are just full of brilliant ideas!

Julie said...

What about people who talk loudly on their cell phones in the LIBRARY and then act as though you've insulted their mother when you ask them to take their call outdoors?