Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

12 - years ago today we got married
5 - minutes before the courthouse closed we arrived at the courthouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee
2 - number of weeks we were married before I left him for a week to go on BRAG
3 - new cars purchased
6 - computers purchased
10 - other major appliances purchased
13 - age of Auggie (Hubby's Pomeranian) when he died shortly after we got married
4 - dogs we've had since then
3 - cats we had to lose before Hubby agreed to allow inside cats
2 - cats Hubby now allows to sleep on his bed at night
3 - cruises we've taken
4 - other exotic vacations we've been on
5 - school changes Hubby has witnessed in my career
1 - doctoral degree Hubby has had to live through
1 - life-changing diagnosis
7 - years Hubby has kept off 30 pounds lost after diagnosis
1 - houses Hubby has lived in during the last 36 years
2 - children who have purchased their own homes during our marriage (his daughter, mine)
50 - number of additional years I hope we have together


Ann(ie) said...

Sounds like a great 12 years! Happy Happy Anniversary!!

Maggie said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! Sounds like wonderful years together!