Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crazy Dreams....

I probably shouldn't make my dreams public. Most of the time when I tell people my dreams, they suddenly remember they have urgent business elsewhere. I dream vividly, and sometimes I remember entire plots. Last night's dream was one of those. I typed it as soon as I got up this morning so I wouldn't forget it.

Hubby and I were headed to the airport to go to the Dominican Republic. It was extremely crowded in the train station, where we were trying to get a MARTA train to the airport. The crowd was mostly football fans in town for the SEC Championship game (which means we were leaving TODAY, which is just crazy). We were in the Atlanta airport, but we had been somewhere else beforehand, like Las Vegas. I saw a guy in orange and blue holding up four fingers. I was thinking, "Dude, you came all this way to see Florida play, and you don't even have TICKETS?" (That's proof that I dream in color. Otherwise, how would I have known he was a Florida fan? I mean, until he opened his mouth and got obnoxious. Ha ha ha ha ha)

Hubby and I got on the train, but we got separated immediately because it was so crowded. There were two aisles on this train; he went down the right one, and I was on the left side. At the first stop (I thought), I looked for him because I didn't know which gate our plane was leaving from. He wasn't there. I couldn't find him anywhere. He didn't have a cell phone, so I couldn't call him. I looked at my watch, and it was 2:35. I think our plane was supposed to leave at 1:30 or something. (Actually, it will leave at 10:00 AM when we go to the Dominican Republic in APRIL.) But I couldn't find hubby, so I called a co-worker and told him I didn't know why I was calling him.

Then we were at the SEC Championship game. Apparently I found hubby somewhere along the line. And suddenly it wasn't so important to get to the Dominican Republic after all. And I was yelling "Roll Tide!" because I will pull for anyone playing against Florida. Only it wasn't Alabama after all. It was Texas. (Duh, they aren't even IN the SEC.) So I had to start yelling "Hook 'em Horns!" I don't know why we were even AT the SEC game, since Georgia wasn't in it. Yes I do. A couple of times we've gone because hubby won the tickets from Dr. Pepper (they're generous like that, giving away SEC Championships and random Harleys) when we didn't give a rip about either team in the game. It's very boring to do that.

The score was 3-0 Texas, and then later it was something else that I can't remember, but someone had scored. Texas tried an onside kick, which is pretty stupid in itself because it was early in the game, but whatever. So they kicked the ball and it rolled to a stop, and just as players from both teams were about to jump on the ball, the ball jumped up and ran off because it was a little black and white dog. And everybody just stood around wondering where the football went. I'm sure that's a trick play that even Urban Meyer hasn't thought of yet.

Then we were at a dance, and I'm not sure it was hubby anymore, but it was SOME man, and I was trying to dance in high heels. (Maybe it was hubby after all, and I can explain where that part of the dream came from. Hubby and I were slow dancing in the living room last night. But in the dream we were FAST dancing. Whatever.) And after that the details get kind of fuzzy, so I'll just stop right there before you start thinking it wasn't just the dream that's crazy.


AmandaSue : ] said...

hahahahaha that was hilarious! and awww you and sexy legs slow danced in the living room : ]

HaveFaith said...

Isn't is amazing how in a dream, you can move from one place to another, from one event to another and from one person to another and never even ask yourself "how the heck did I get here, doing this with that person"? You just sort of roll with it. Kinda crazy, huh? (Only in a dream can you ride a bicycle up an escalator in a crowed mall and then when you get to the top, you don't even have the bicycle anymore. I woke up exhausted.)

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a crazy dream. Fortunately or unfortunately I don't remember most of mine.

KatyDid53 said...

I always LOVE to hear your dreams! As we have discussed in the past, my dreams either are not as interesting as yours or I don't remember them . . . or both. I sat here and laughed until I cried.