Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Going to Australia....

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I've always wanted to go to Australia. And now, having seen the movie tonight, I'm more determined than ever. I just hope Hugh Jackman still has his shirt off when I get there. And maybe he'll be tired of Nicole Kidman. The movie was worth every minute of the 3 hours (I think) that it took to show it. The real show-stealer, however, was Brandon Walters, the actor who played an Aboriginal boy in the movie and is actually Aboriginal himself. He had seen very few films in his life, had never left his part of Australia, and had no idea who Nicole Kidman or Hugh Jackman might be. For some reason I just found that terribly refreshing. That is, IF you can believe what you read on Wikipedia, and frankly I'm never sure. They had his birthday as 1995, and IMDH had it as 1996.

At any rate, it was certainly a movie worth seeing. I'll go to sleep tonight dreaming of Hugh Jackman. And if I say his name in my sleep, hubby won't even know, because I'm 350 miles from home.


Bush Babe said...

Fabulous... when can we expect you? I think Aussie tourism is expecting a bit of an influx after this movie!! I haven't seen it yet, but the story about the young aboriginal boy is true. Not many cinemas where he is growing up!

And Hugh... divine even with his shirt on. Married also to the loveliest woman (Deb - another older wife like myself!)... but don't let that stop you dreamin'!!

Ann(ie) said...

I want to see that movie!! Especialy now after the good review. And I could easily drool over Hugh Jackman for 3 hours. 8)

Lakeland Jo said...

teenager is going to Melbourne for ten weeks in April on school exchange so we are starting to explore all this Australian. He is very excited. I am a bit daunted!