Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't You Just Hate it When Someone...

... who is supposed to be in charge of something...... oh, let's just say...... a school, for example........ always takes the easy way out?

... wants people to LIKE her instead of doing her job?

... can often be found with her feet propped up on her desk?

... says she abhors laziness but embodies all the characteristics of laziness herself?

... realizes she has pissed everybody off and THEN tries to make up for everything in the space of a couple of days?

... realizes she has pissed off her VERY LAST ALLY and emails SOMEONE ELSE to ask what's wrong with THE OTHER PERSON?

... exhibits poor leadership but takes offense at any suggestions as to how things SHOULD be done?

... makes excuses to two different staffs that the OTHER one is causing her to be too busy to be involved?

... gets teary-eyed and weepy instead of attempting to communicate with her staff?

... constantly comments that she's getting "picked to pieces"?

... says she'd like to see someone else just TRY to do her job?

... allows someone charged with ARMED ROBBERY back into the building because he wasn't the one with the gun and we can't PROVE that he's a danger to us and other students?

... treats students like she's their friend, perpetuating the myth that the TEACHERS are the problem?

... ignores discipline problems because she "just doesn't want to deal with them"?

... asks a student whom she has just suspended (because she was backed into a corner), "Now you're going to tell your mother so I don't have to call her?"

... refuses to return calls to parents because she "just doesn't want to deal with them"?

... says she's "sick and tired" of one person or another, usually to a colleague of that person?

... takes the approach that some students don't have to be dealt with because, "He's going to do himself in anyway?"

... loves drama even more than the students?

... watches on the security camera monitors so she can get up and close her door if someone she "just doesn't want to deal with" approaches?

... tries way too hard way too late?

Yeah, me too.


Anonymous said...

Um, did you have a day kind of like mine?

Momma Bear said...

Sounds like someone needs to have a very formal review by HER boss. Surely, your teacher's union is documenting her antics?