Friday, December 19, 2008

I Love This Bar....

We typically eat out on Friday nights (and Saturdays, and some Sundays and any other night in the week I can coerce hubby into paying for it). I'm not big on cooking.

We were kind of burned out on the three or four places hubby will agree to eat in our hometown, not counting the 473 Mexican restaurants. We visit those occasionally, but hubby is really more of a steak and potatoes kind of guy. And beer.

My step-daughter and Katydid had both been to a place called "Tequila" that isn't really in our town, but it's not too bad a drive. They both said it reminded them of hubby. You can have a booth with your very own beer tap at the table. They charge by the ounce for beer (.15 per ounce), and you pour your own.

The nachos were probably the best I've had recently, and we made the mistake of ordering an order of fajitas to share IN ADDITION. The nachos by themselves would have been enough. And the beer.

See, hubby is kind of smiling in this picture. Having a beer tap that close at hand is probably his idea of heaven.

There's a little screen that tells you how much you've poured and how many ounces you have remaining. I don't know what they do if you use it all. Do they cut you off? We were allowed 64 oz. for the two of us, which was more than plenty. It works out to about the same price as a pitcher of beer.

Our waiter was very nice; he even said he would take off a couple of ounces of beer because he was afraid it was leaking. The music was good too, classic 70's. We heard Foreigner's "Don't Stop" (which always reminds me of the final episode of Sopranos) and Billy Joel's "Still Rock 'n Roll to Me" (hubby's favorite Billy Joel song, even though he feels obligated to pretend he doesn't like the "fish-eyed fool").

We'll definitely eat there again, perhaps for no better reason than the fact that we can pour our own beer from a tap. Now if they had the same concept in a dessert tap, we'd both be in heaven.


Ann(ie) said...

My husband would never leave that place!!! He'd think he died and went to heaven!!!

KatyDid53 said...

You could have thrown a rock and hit my son's house from Tequila!