Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Thing I Only Had One Tablet...

I fought a fierce headache all morning and most of the afternoon. Early this morning I thought it was a hunger headache, since I waited for Sweet Girl to get up and then it took another couple hours for us to decide to venture to the IHOP just down the street from her house.

We shopped a little bit after breakfast, but even after eating, my headache only got worse. I'm assuming it's associated with the laser eye surgery. Since I now have one eye that's designed for close-up and one that's designed for distance, they aren't exactly used to working together to produce a clear picture. The literature said it could take up to three months for my distance vision to be crystal clear. But my near vision is nearly impeccable, only I keep forgetting that I don't have to hold things at arms-length-plus in order to read them. And the distance thing isn't really all that bad. Street lights look a lot like ferris wheels, and the Christmas lights are providing a veritable LSD show. Especially if they blink. But I digress. [Please note: I am NOT currently driving at night.] [Please note again: I do not actually know from personal experience what an LSD light show looks like.]

The doctor had given me one 7.5 mg codeine tablet following the laser surgery, and I couldn't figure out why, since there was no pain involved. Zero. But after the headache this afternoon reached epidemic proportions (I realize I can't really have anything epidemic on my own, but I like that phrase), I decided not to let that little pill go to waste.

I really liked the warm glow it gave me. I took a nap that was a lot like floating in and out of consciousness on a gentle current. The pill made me calm and mellow and even somewhat accepting of the fact that I offered to help Sweet Girl pay to have Daisy spayed because she (Sweet Girl, not Daisy) was a little strapped for cash right now and then she said she wanted a new Blackberry and bought Rock Band 2 for her Wii. And showed me the $100 shoes she bought for the squadron Christmas party that she more than likely won't wear again until next Christmas. The pill helped me bite my tongue. Or perhaps made it so fuzzy that it didn't succumb to its typical sarcasm. At any rate, I was (temporarily, at least) prevented from turning into the voice of MY mother. Thank you, little pill.

It made me feel relaxed enough to attempt playing the drums on Rock Band. It did NOT render me capable of navigating the beginner level on Dance Dance Revolution. But it made me not care than I couldn't do it.

It's completely different from an alcohol glow. It also doesn't give me the bloated, sloshy feeling I get from my quota of drinks (two).

The glow has worn off now. I kind of miss it. But I'm awfully glad they only gave me one of those little pills.

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KatyDid53 said...

I'm just sorry you felt compelled to actually take the pill. I would have paid good money for it!