Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Sweet Suite....

We've been to this casino a number of times, and I think they can see us coming. "Here come the suckers who will give us all their money before they leave.......Give 'em a nice room to lull them into complacency!"

This is the nicest suite we've ever had. This is a shot of the bedroom. Fairly nondescript; requisite television, nice bench seat underneath the window. We were on the 10th floor.

Below is a shot of the bathroom. Double sinks. If I were picky......and I'm really not......I would question why they put the hair dryer on the left side of the counter (out of sight in this picture) and the make-up mirror all the way on the other end. Toilet was behind the door to the right of the picture.

We had both a shower and a tub with jacuzzi jets. It wasn't.........quite..........big enough for two. I really like the glass shower. Unfortunately, if you left the doors to the bedroom open, there was a mirror right in front of you while you showered. I tended to shower with my eyes closed.

This is the "kitchen." We didn't have a refrigerator, but we did have a sink and a coffee maker. and the ice machine was right outside our door, so we didn't have to go far to fill up the cooler.

Below is the OTHER bathroom. Seriously. It was right inside the door to the suite. Like maybe it was for those times when you come back to the room and just hope against hope that you can make it to the bathroom in time. Or maybe it is designed so that couples don't have to argue about who is going to follow whom in the bathroom.

This is the living room, with ANOTHER television, a desk where I theoretically should have been able to get lots of work done (internet wouldn't work in the room, for some reason, even though it had a hub plug-in for it), and a table where we could have eaten room service if we had spent enough time there.

This is a view out our window of the restaurant at the top of the "moon" to the right. We've never eaten there; we don't usually take proper clothes for a dress-up restaurant.

This is the other casino across the street. They are part of the same resort. Actually, the one across the street was the only one, and they needed a bigger one. So they built one across the street from it and built a bridge from one to the other, complete with moving sidewalks. You can go from one casino to the other without ever going outside.

The casino across the street also has a very nice jewelry store there. I'm not allowed to go there anymore.

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