Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Laid Plans....

I should know by now not to plan things too strictly. I only get frustrated when they don't work out. We are in a casino in Mississippi, and hubby is playing golf. I had it all figured out.......while he was playing golf, I would catch up on my online grading, catch up on my blog reading (but not necessarily in that order), and surf the net for a while before the UGA game comes on. Then I would watch the game in our room, because after all, although I've proven that it IS possible to sit at the three-card poker table for nine and ten hours at a stretch, we also have all day tomorrow to kill with NO GOLF, so I'm pacing myself.

The game, however, is on regional television (THANKS, Vandy, for losing LAST WEEK), and may or may not be carried on the televisions here. If it is, I'll have to sit in the bar. It's relatively..... no, make that completely..... dangerous for me to sit in front of a video poker machine for three and a half hours in a place where the drinks are free. And I don't think you're allowed to just sit there and drink and NOT gamble. That would pretty much put them out of business, I think.

But the internet won't work in our room. Granted, it's a nice room...... I'll post pictures later, because the suite we are in is larger than my first apartment. I wanted to wait until housekeeping comes in first. Nothing more vulgar than posting a picture of an unmade hotel bed. Well, there probably ARE more vulgar things in the world, but..... Whatever.

So I'm sitting in the cafe next to the casino floor using their wireless service. But there are no televisions nearby, and the wireless doesn't extend to the bars. Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!! What a problem-filled life I lead. So here are my choices:

  • Go the bar anyway and hope the game is on. And hope I can win enough to stretch out my time there for the whole time the game is on.
  • Sit in this cafe and follow the game online and hope there aren't customers who actually want to sit down and.....I don't know, eat?.......
  • Scrap the whole ballgame idea and go to the 3-card poker table, where my favorite dealer Penny is probably already on duty.

I've got an hour to decide. Maybe I'll go grade some assignments.


Anonymous said...

I'd be going through serious withdrawl with no Internet. I remember our last vacation they only had one terminal and limited you to 15 minutes per use. That was rough.

Good luck with your papers !

Professor said...

Ack- I'd stay in the cafe and grade and follow via the net--- or just give up on all of it, get the heck outta there, and buy shoes... but that's just me! :)

Anonymous said...

Just drink and gamble. Then, go sleep. I'm living vicariously, remember!?

Ann(ie) said...

I'm with mama neena. Drink and gamble girlfriend!