Friday, October 10, 2008

Roughing It.....

I was really bent out of shape at not being able to blog last night. I had my laptop in my tent, and there was a wireless network in range, but it was called "apfootball" or something and it required a password and I've never been much good at hacking into networks. I'm doing good to get into my own.

This is where I camped last night. Katydid didn't come down until this morning, so I was alone. I watched another episode of Carrier, and I found that I didn't get nearly as emotional watching it as I did when Sweet Girl was gone for seven months on her own aircraft carrier. It is an awesome series; very real.

I have referred to my tent as a "tentdominium" because it is supposed to sleep 6 or 8 people. I use it alone, or I use it when Katydid is here. I just like it because you can stand up in it, and dressing in spandex is so much easier when you can stand up.
There was a tent behind mine this time, however, that made my tent shrink in shame and cower in fear. I don't have a good shot of it, (it's off to the left in the picture below, but you really can't get a good idea of its size) but it had separate rooms. And I think it had an elevator.

If you look carefully at the front of the tent, you will notice that we sometimes ask the tent to double as a clothesline. It's embarrassed, but it does it anyway.

You have to look carefully, but the picture below shows why we are not camping in the same place tonight. It's right above the roofline of the tent.
See the reddish-brown that shows through the trees? Here, let me give you a better angle.
See the train cars in this shot? Yeah, the train went through approximately every thirty-eight seconds ALL NIGHT LONG. Okay, MAYBE that's an exaggeration, but it's possible that it isn't. I had to move over one time to let the train come through my tent. I had in earplugs, but they only dulled the sound so much.

So this is where we are camping tonight.
It takes care of several issues:

#1 -- It has internet. My idea of roughing it is when you actually have to plug the internet cord into the computer. We have wireless here. I can blog, check on my online students, shop for a Billy Joel CD that has become hopelessly scratched, or check out the college football schedule for tomorrow.

#2 -- It has electricity. I went without my CPAP machine last night for the first time since April. I didn't sleep very well. I kept waking myself up because I stopped breathing. This morning I discovered an electrical outlet on the pole right outside my tent, but I was going to have to go buy an extension cord for it to reach into the tent.

#3 -- It has a bed. Either I brought a defective air mattress, or I exceeded the weight limit on the Coleman inflatable mattress that I brought this weekend. I had to borrow a pump to inflate it, and I woke up with my butt on the cold, hard ground last night.

This roughing it is exhausting work.

This picture is from our ventures around town today. I would put this in the "Big-Old-Bag-of-Duh" File.If you are going to spend the money to have lettering on your window, wouldn't you at least think about having someone proofread it?

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