Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Struggle Against OCD......Really I Do.....

I only show signs of OCD about SOME things. My house, for example, is NOT neat. Things are out of place everywhere. Furniture is dusty. The floor is (relatively) clean, but only because I just swept it. The table beside my chair holds everything from my camera to the two books I've been using in my online course to my huge container of water.

Some things, though, I cannot get a handle on no matter how hard I try. My dishes, for example. First of all, as you can see the plates are square.
The flower, of course, has to be pointing in the right direction, up and to the left. On all of the plates. And salad plates. And bowls. And cups and saucers and serving pieces.

It doesn't matter if the plates are on the table, in the china cabinet, in the sink, or in the dishwasher. They all have to have the flowers pointing the right way. When Sweet Girl is home she invariably tries to sneak and turn my plate upside down. Or she puts them in the dishwasher upside down. And I've tried to let it slide, really I have. But almost as an involuntary response, I find myself robot-walking to the dishwasher and turning them right side up. Sigh.

And the wash cloths. Oh brother. Several years ago I threw out all our threadbare washcloths and bought two sets of new ones, both sets having 2 wash cloths of each of several different colors. Really I'm not THAT OCD about them.......when doing the laundry, it's just as easy to pick up the other blue one when I've just folded a blue one. And if I pick up every wash cloth with the label on the upper right hand side, well I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Never mind that today I nearly went beserk because one of them was missing a label. And I've turned the linen closet upside down looking for the missing orange one. And I don't even DO orange. When I put them back on the shelf, I only take the clean ones and put them underneath the other ones to keep them all used equally.

Hubby doesn't help matters. We have double blinds on our living room windows, and he consistently and irritatingly opens ONE SIDE. Why? I know he would say it's because he only needs to see out one window. I try to wait until he's not looking and open the other side. But sometimes there I go, robot walking to the window, crossing right in front of his line of vision, opening the other blind against my will.

Good Lord. Some things I just shouldn't admit about myself. I'm going out next week and buy 12 yellow washcloths. And my next dishes will be white.....and round.

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Anonymous said...

Well they are nice dishes !