Friday, October 3, 2008

High School Football......

We live in a county where there was only one high school for....... like forever. Then when Sweet Girl was a junior, they built a new high school and she had to go to the new one. Her life has never been the same, and she blames it on me. (I changed teaching jobs, she could have gone to the one she wanted to if I'd stayed in the county, everything is always the mother's fault.)

Of course when the new school was built, the football team basically sucked, but now they have come into their own. And they are doing very well in the region. Tonight was the annual game between the two schools, held at school #1. Hubby and I went because A) there isn't much to do around here on a Friday night; and B) we could both get in free on my teacher's badge. Besides, the ticket lady was a band mom when I was, so we probably could have gotten in anyway.

We were a little conflicted about which side to sit on. Hubby and his daughter went to school #1, but Sweet Girl graduated from school #2, as will hubby's granddaughter, who is currently in 8th grade. My school has students from BOTH schools, who are technically still enrolled in their "home" schools, so I don't feel a particular allegiance to either one. Or I feel an allegiance to both. Whatever. It's way too confusing to figure out, so don't even try. But one of my co-workers has a child who goes to school #1, and that's the side they were sitting on, so that's where we sat. On the losers' side. It was pretty quickly 28-0 in favor of school #2, and they were making it look easy. Hell, it WAS easy. We left at halftime, when school #1 did manage to score a touchdown....but the extra point was blocked. It was that kind of a game.

On a positive note, there was NO traffic in town, because everybody was either at the football game or breaking into the homes of everyone who was at the football game. (Just kidding, we don't really have THAT big a crime problem. I just thought to myself during the game that it would be a great time to go on a crime spree in our little town, because so many people were at the game, and so much law enforcement was on hand to keep any "riots" from breaking out between the two schools.) We made a stop at CVS to get something for this nasty cold I've got, and the usually annoying traffic downtown was nonexistent.

I've come full circle from high school. My Friday night social life has reverted back to high school football. Only now I'm too paranoid to drink a beer before the game.


Anonymous said...

I remember how upset I was when my parents moved towns when I was just starting Grade 11 and I had to make all new friends.

Ann(ie) said...

I think that would be a fun Fri night!! Last night I was asleep on the couch at 8:45. Such a party animal anymore. =/