Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Need a Vaccination........

Or is it a vaccine?

Anyway, I need a shot. And not of tequila. Wait....what? That's an option?

I am suffering from grumpitis. I am so grumpy that I almost can't stand MYSELF, and I certainly don't know how the folks around me are standing me. I'm not exactly sure what initiated this grumpiness, but there are several candidates:

  • Hubby and I are leaving tomorrow for another trip, and this time we are going by airplane. It's a trip to a casino we haven't been to before, and while I'm not OPPOSED to the trip ..... I wouldn't have CHOSEN it. I love to fly, but the confirmation we received has me a little worried. It's one of those $199/person deals that includes airfare and hotel rooms at the casino. The card we got in the mail said to report NEXT TO the British Airways desk. Next to? What kind of airline is this, that it doesn't even have its own name? If I'm wrong and Hubby has secretly booked us a trip to England, I will apologize publicly and never be grumpy again. Or at least not for a long time. Or for the weekend. 
  • Because of the trip, today was sort of my last day off for the summer. And I spent it ..... at school. Our furniture was just delivered yesterday, so I spent today unpacking boxes and attempting to set up my room. I'm glad I went and got a jump on things, especially when there weren't too many other people around. It's just not how I would have chosen to spend my last day off. Next week is pre-planning, but I may or not be there because of.....
  • Impending Grand Jury duty. I don't mind doing my civic duty, really I don't. I've never served on a jury before, either a traverse jury or a grand jury, so I figure it's about time I acted like a responsible citizen. I think it's the uncertainty of it all. I don't know the procedures, I don't know the process, I don't know what to expect, and I don't know how long I might have to report for jury duty. 
  • It looks like my idea to purchase the cottage at the marsh isn't going to come to fruition after all. I wasn't turned down for financing, but the bank wants me to make a down payment of 10%, and that will eat up all my savings. I've been trying all year to build my savings up, and while I think the cottage is a good investment, I can't stand the feeling of being broke. I went into this saying that if it didn't happen then it wasn't meant to be, but it's easier to SAY that than it is to BELIEVE it.
  • My blood pressure has dropped precipitously in the last few days, and it makes me feel out of sorts. I don't want to start adjusting my medicine, especially considering the fact that we will be out of town for three days, and without my doctor's knowledge and permission. I thought the drop yesterday was associated with doing a tough bike ride and allowing myself to get a little dehydrated. (Ironic, isn't it, that you are more likely to become dehydrated when you ride in the rain?) But it has continued to be low today. As in only double digits on the top AND the bottom. Weird.
  • I've been having a little trouble sleeping. It may be related to any combination of the above items. Perhaps a glass of wine will help. Worth a try.
Off to generate some happy thoughts.....

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