Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I Learned Yesterday.....

I really, really wanted to ride my bike yesterday. Only it was a bazillion degrees here in the South, just like almost everywhere else in the country with the possible exception of parts of Alaska, so I wanted to wait until it cooled off a little.

I also felt compelled to wait until the Braves-Rockies game was over, because I was sure that if I left before the game ended, the Braves would blow their 3-run lead. Hey, it's happened before. They were ahead of the Rockies 10-1 once last year and lost the game 12-10.

When the game was over around 6:30, it looked a little cloudy. I really wasn't looking for excuses, but I didn't want to ride if it was going to rain. Hubby checked the forecast, watched the news, and said these prophetic (and pathetic) words: " ain't gonna rain here."

So I left on my bike around 7:00 PM. It wasn't any cooler, but at least it was overcast enough that the sun wasn't beating down. The air was still like trying to breathe through a wet washcloth, though.

I was only doing a short ride, shooting for about 15 miles. I didn't want to get caught after dark, since I didn't have my headlight with me. The thunder and lightning started when I was about 3 miles from home, but it looked like it was moving away from me. I knew there was no way I could ride fast enough to catch a thunderstorm, so I was pretty confident I could ride some more. I wanted to make another little loop to get to a total of 15 miles, so I turned on one of my favorite cycling roads near my house. And it isn't my favorite JUST because it bears my maiden name. It's just a cool road to ride on.

I got to the first little downhill, and there was a curtain of rain in front of me. I made the wise decision that it was better to turn around while I was close to home instead of getting farther away. I stopped to text Hubby, because just like any good wife I like to point out when he's wrong. I didn't need for him to come get me, because by then I was only about two miles away. It would have taken longer for him to put on his shoes, get in his truck, come to where I was, and load the bike than it would just to ride home. But I did want to let him know his prognostication was wrong.

This is what I meant to text: "Uh.....Wrong?"

This is what actually appeared when I typed the letters in: "Uh.;.:-qrogoopop"

Which brings me to what I learned yesterday:

When you are standing in the pouring rain, even under the "SHELTER" of a big old tree, the iPhone will not accept any letters that actually form WORDS. It will, however, accept any combination of OTHER letters that you do NOT want, and then it will not accept the backspace key.

You may need that information someday.


DJan said...

Since I don't have an iPhone, I'll take your word for it. Maybe I'll wait on that little purchase. But it's cooler now, after the rain, huh? :-)

Maggie said...

Gee, ain't technology grand?