Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Harry Potter Dilemma......

I know it's almost inconceivable, but I have never read the Harry Potter books.



When the first book came out, I was probably convinced they were "too young" for me and I was too dignified to read some young adult trash about wizards and such nonsense. You know...... because I'm so dignified.

By the time the book(s) became a sensation, I was already about four books behind. And even though my niece, my sister, my friend Sara, and my daughter, all of whose opinions I value greatly, urged me to read the books, I have never read the first word of any of them.

It's not just that I fear I may be missing out on some truly significant writing. I'm also ignorant of all the pop culture that has emerged from the series. Just the other day Hubby was doing his daily crossword puzzle, and it was apparently Harry Potter themed. I got tired of saying "I don't know" to all the clues he asked me. (I don't know why it bothered me more that day than others, but it did.)

I know me well enough to know how I tend to do things, and I know that if I start reading the HP books, I won't stop until I've read all of them. Then I'll have to see the movies, and by then there will be a spin-off movie or three and perhaps a nonreality show based on wizards. I'll forever be behind.

And really, can I afford to spend all that time reading a series when there are so many other wonderful books out there? I mean, Anne Rivers Siddons has a new book coming out on July 19th, which means I need to get finished with Eat, Pray, Love (I know, I know, I always jump on the bandwagon about two years after everyone else is sick of riding it) before I can start THAT one, and how do I work in seven (or is it eight?) 600-page novels just to keep up with the Joneses?

I know, I know.

You wish you had MY problems.


Starry wonder said...

READ THEM!!! I still go back and read all the books again! They are very entertaining! :)

Lilith said...

There's only 7 novels and they aren't all 600 pages, just a couple! LOL

They are worth the read! You will get lost in them and the time will fly!

Kelly said...

At least I have the whole set in paperback (my husband's) for when I finally decide to read them. Just too many other books in line first.

Amy said...

At least read the first one. It's the best IMO. At the time (it may not seem so now) it was really innovative, original and imaginative! An easy read but very good!