Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Call Me the Rainmaker......

Remember how I went for a very short bike ride last Thursday and got drenched by a sudden downpour? Today I TRIED to be smarter than that, I really did. The weatherman on television said there was a 60% chance of rain for our area, mostly in the afternoon. Figuring that most thunderstorms pop up in the LATE afternoon, I left on my bike around 11:40. I mapped out a 45-mile ride and made sure it went by our new school so I could stop in and see how things were going.

While I was at school, it POURED. (And they were just arriving with the boxes and desks from the old school, so I didn't venture any farther than the office. I figured I would only get in the way.) After a while it eased up, but the little showers followed me around all day. I didn't think I wanted to follow my original route because it took me too far from home in the event of really severe weather, but I didn't listen to myself very well. Only at the very end did I cut off one little loop, so I ended up with almost 42 miles. I still need 7 more miles to meet my July goal.

What the weatherman meant to say was while there may be a 60% chance of rain in any one particular area, there was 100% chance of rain wherever Bragger rode her bike. I've already fielded several calls from nearby towns asking that I please come ride my bike there.

Where did it NOT rain? Our house.

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