Sunday, July 3, 2011

Two More Things......

I omitted two important items from yesterday's mid-year review:

  • I'm about one-third of the way finished with the baby afghan for Sweet Girl's friend. I'm way ahead of schedule on that.
  • I finally made it through the castle after World 8-3 in Mario Brothers. I know y'all were wondering about that. 

I was thinking earlier about some memorable July 4th holidays.

One year I was supposed to get married that day. It was on a Saturday, and he had ONE job: find someone to perform the ceremony. I didn't care if it was a preacher, a justice of the peace, or a defrocked convicted felon. Well maybe I would have cared about that last one. All our friends knew we were getting married that day. When did he start looking for someone to marry us? At 2:00. That day. Someone please, please, please, please, please tell me why I still married him at the courthouse two days later. Never mind. Just shoot me. Better yet, shoot HIM. For those who are relatively new to my blog: I am NOT referring to my current Hubby in that story.

In my FIRST marriage, we thought about going to the Braves' game on July 4th in 1985. We eventually decided not to go, which is probably a good thing, since it went 19 innings and wasn't over until 4:00 AM. I'm sure my then-husband had to work the next day. Oh wait.... I wasn't a teacher then. I'm sure I had to work the next day too. Imagine the surprise of the people who lived near the stadium, when the powers-that-be decided the post-game fireworks would go on as scheduled. Only it was 4:00 AM the next day.

More recently, in this marriage (2003 or 2004 I think), Weesa and her boyfriend had bought a boat, and all of us went to Lake Lanier to watch the fireworks on the lake. On the way down to the dam, I asked Hubby, "How do we get back?" He started pointing out landmarks to me, things to notice on the trip down that would help guide us back. I didn't say anything, but I was thinking, "But it'll be DARK." Sure enough, after the fireworks were over, we had no idea how to get back to where we had parked. Weesa's boyfriend went through a no-wake zone too fast, and the boat police stopped us. Good thing they did, or we would STILL be wandering around Lake Lanier. They didn't give us a ticket, and they led us back to our car. We never went back out on the boat again.

One year Sweet Girl, Hubby and I drove up to a popular spot for July 4th fireworks. It is near the interstate at a winery, and tons of people used to go see the fireworks there. We were pleasantly surprised when we drove up and there was plenty of parking. In fact, we had the parking lot all to ourselves. The fireworks display had been presented the night before.

Happy Independence Day Eve!

Please say a prayer for me tomorrow morning, as I join approximately 60,000 other people in the Peachtree Road Race. I've never done a 10K before. I don't expect a good finishing time; I just want to live through it.

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DJan said...

Wishing you luck, I'm sure you'll do fine in that 10K. And I'll get to hear about it. Happy fourth!!!